The Jump Program: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

The thought of one day being able to dunk has probably crossed your mind if you're a basketball fanatic who has a love for the game.

Considering there is so much info relating to soaking on the internet, you would believe that finding useful details on finding out how to dunk would be a cinch, but oftentimes you simply discover bits of information that can appear confusing to put together.

That's where vertical jump programs come in and one of the original programs in this area is The Jump Manual, a program that controlled the vertical jump scene when it first came out in 2008.

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Considering its age, this program has functioned as the structure for lots of modern-day vertical jump programs that have come to exist today.

I purchased the program myself back when I was simply getting into learning how to dunk, and after finishing it, I saw some pretty nice outcomes.

You might have seen me periodically mention The Jump jacob hiller Manual in some of my other posts, not truly saying much else.

However as I review the experience I had with the program, there was really a lot I wished to touch upon.

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With those thoughts running through my mind, I chose to examine The Jump Manual and see whether or not this program still holds up relative to other vertical jump programs.

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What Is The Jump Manual?

If you aren't currently knowledgeable about The Jump Manual, it's an expert vertical jump program from 2008 that saw fast success in 2010.

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Fast forwards a few years as other brand-new, flashy programs have actually sprung into the marketplace and The Jump Manual just hasn't gathered the attention that it utilized to.

Even so, it's still considered to be one of the much better vertical jump programs offered and has because maintained the title of an attempted and checked program.


The Jump Manual is likewise a program that is tailored to assist basketball players with dunking, but the program has had a strong record of helping various professional athletes achieve their goals through its tested techniques, revealing it works just as well for non-basketball players who want to enhance their jump.

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They guarantee you of adding 10 inches to your vertical, which sounds beautiful amazing, and the truth that they help you achieve this objective in just 12 weeks is impressive.

Something distinct about The Jump Manual is the tagline that they use on the main website, which states that the program consists of tested jump training based on science, not buzz.

Once you get in the program, it becomes perfectly clear that the tagline is spot on, as they offer you with a lot of background information on the structure of the exercises and the workouts utilized.

The reality that they dispel their rapid success from 2010 instead of utilizing the hype to their benefit is also pretty encouraging and reveals that the creators care a lot more about supplying a solid program than earning money.